Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eliptical - I hate this machine

I sought out a chiropractor on Monday and got snapped and cracked.  Just as Jim had predicted it was my SI Joint, piroformus and glute Med.  My SI Joint (the dimp in the back of your hips)  was locked tight and in it is my sciatic nerve.  Which is why I cant put my right leg forward with out pain. 

Its day two and I do feel a little better....not a lot  but a little.  My piroformus is probably hurting more now but my back no longer throbs during the day and the nerve pain in my foot has gone.  I am not to walk until he sees me again on Thursday.

So tonight I went to the gym and did 30mins on the elliptical.  I hate this machine.  After 15mins my calfs were burning!!! so I stopped and stretched them.  I thought maybe I could walk normal on the treadmill as I can walk with shane ok.  But after 1 min I knew I couldnt.  I put the treadmil on 8km which meant my stride was a little long....but I could feel my heart rate dropping fast and pulling in my hip.  So back to the Elliptical.  I did find that after stretching my calfs they didnt hurt for round two.

I am struggling to remain positive.  My back might feel a little better but now my proformas is pulling and hurting.  All my muscles are pulling against the grain at the moment and if I could I would throw them all in the naughty corner and give them a darn good scalding. 

I have the AMA 31 March.  I doubt I will be race ready in any shape or form.  In fact I doubt I could break 60 mins for 10km.

Eliptical training today

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