Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5km at steady effort

This is my test the body week. 

I handled the track well and tonight I have 5km.  Coach wants me to push a little this week as he wants to see how I feel and how I recover.

Its been raining all day but its still warm.  It was 25 degs when I started so I didn't mind getting a bit wet.  I felt good straight away.   I had my music going and was just getting into to listening to that and was not thinking about pacing.  I was not breathing hard and felt good so I just kept going at the same effort.  I was surprised to see at 3km I had just touched 18 mins.... wow thats a steady pace and I felt really good. 

I headed back and did have to push a little to keep the effort up as the rain had gotten heavier and the walkway was getting flooded and slippery.

As my watch chirped to say 5km I hit stop and looked at my time.  I was so rapt to see that I had just done a sub 30 min for 5km.  YAY!!!!!!

29.55 for 5km.

5 km data

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