Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It has been TWO WEEKS since I have tried to race walk....actually it may even be longer.  But the day had come that I was to try a small walk.  Wouldnt you pick it.....its pouring with rain and high winds.  So I asked Coach...can I use the treadmill???

So armed with my new arch supports, I headed to the gym.  I was really nervous about this......I turned the treadmill on and hit it to 9.5km per hour.....took a deep breathe and hit go on my watch.   I think I held my breathe for about 10 steps and slowly let it out as I realised that it had not hurt.  NO stabbing pain in my back, hip or glute. felt so good. 

I slowly stretched out and started to relax.  After a km I started dropping my knee a little more for each stride and testing my hip and glute.  I felt great.  Infact its the best I have felt walking in a long time. 

I almost carried on for 5km but Coach had said 4km and I was wearing new inserts so didnt want to push my body to far.

Total time was 25:20 and I am very happy with that.

Just one last chiro session to go.  AMA is now looking promising.

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