Thursday, February 28, 2013

4 x 1km track

While my body was feeling left foot was not.  As I was walking home after my wet 5km I noticed that each step I took the arch support would suck up onto my sock and rub the arch of my foot.  By the time I got home it was very sore.  Not a blister but sure felt like it was one in the making.

Today I put my racing shoes on and as I walked the bottom of my foot felt swollen and bruised.  I warmed up with Kay and Paul.  They were doing 10 x 500m so they walked back up the track, while I started in front of the grandstand as that will be where I will finish. 

My first km felt sluggish.  While there were no aches as such, my legs just felt tired.  I am not surprised really with all I have done this week.  The track was busy again tonight with many sprinters and hurdlers wandering back and forth on the track.  I finished my first km in 5:31 and I felt ok with that as I thought I would be much slower.  I noticed that I had not changed my GPS screens.  I like the screen that shows me my current lap...not the combined.  But in doing this I forgot that it also stops the watch. 

I waited for 2 mins and started out on my next lap.  I hit LAP and away I went.  As I came back around for the first 400 I checked my watch and saw 2:00 and I though holy hang it wasnt that fast and so I kept glancing at my watch and noticed it was not counting down.  I hit lap again and all that did was put the 2:00 in as a lap.  I hit stop as I crossed the km and then thought no thats not right so stopped my watch.  This totally threw me as I realised I had not recorded that km.  It took me another couple of mins to get my watch sorted. 

Next km I really felt tired.  My legs were dead and my left foot was starting to hurt.  I kept trying to push with my back feet and rotate the hips through.  I was very pleased to hit lap and see 5:29 ..... just one more to go. I hit lap again and headed out for my last km.  But as I came back around to the 400m mark I had to stop.  My foot was really hurting.  So I poked my finger into my shoe and adjusted my sock and then started back.  I did manage to finish my last km in  5:29 

I did ponder doing a 5th km....solely to give me more data but then I realised that my foot was really hurting .. If I did another km I may not be able to do 8km tomorrow.  I also know that my coach trusts me and knows that if I said I did 4 that I did do 4.  Plus on the Garmin data you can see my elapsed time and that is 30 mins.  So by taking away what my watch shows and the 2 mins mucking around I can happily work out what my missing km is.

1 km - 5:31
2 km - 5:30
3 km - 5:29
4 km - 5:29

4km data on the track

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