Monday, March 18, 2013

5km Corparate Challenge Race

After Saturdays really ugly walk, I was hoping to do well in this race.  Or at least equal my 5km track time.

Kay and family picked me up at 6am and we headed off to the race.  There was a good turn out today, with some doing the 5km and others doing the 8km challenge.  We all lined up and the gun goes off.  Paul took off like a cut cat but I decided to not take up chase and to just sit back and do my own pace.  About 2km there was a small rise and I noted I was starting to gain on him and by the time we hit the drinks station I had passed him.  Now to keep in front of him.  My incentive was to go under 30mins and win the $50 and to prove to myself that it had not been flukes for the last two recent 5kms.

At 3.5km we turned from the road and went across a grassy area and straight up a steep bank.  On top of this bank was a cycle drome track and of course there was a cycle race on so we were not meant to walk on the track but after a few steps on the gravel I asked the official if I could walk on the very edge.  Which I did.  I looked ahead and could see the sports complex and the finish.  I picked up the pace and knew that when I entered the complex I just had to do one lap of their mondo track and I was done.  I push hard but the mondo was not a nice fast mondo (I found out later its mondo on top of concrete)  I chased a runner down as we both pushed for the finish line and I was super happy to find that I had done 28:41 again!! only this time I feel that I was faster than my track walk as this was on road, up and down and on grass too.  I feel confident leading up to Canberra now.

I stayed on for the Prize giving and was super shocked to win the Q1 building Sky walk.  As I am terrified of heights I will let Shane do it for me.  :)

Later that day, I had Christine and Murray pop round and we worked on their tablets and Ipads.  The guys had headed out to the local Irish Bar and I went out to join them.  3 hours later, on an empty tummy and very dehydrated - I consumed 5 glasses of wine and it hit me KAPOWWW!!!!!   We had a fantastic day with lots of raucous laughter and joking.  I have little memory of leaving and making our way back home.  I do know that we had a great deal of fun.  Yay for St Patricks Day!!!

5km race data

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