Saturday, March 23, 2013


It has been brought to my attention that some of my comments in my blog may have upset a reader. 

To explain my blog for just one moment :-

This is my blog for me to express my feelings.  Expressions of feelings to things that are happening in my life.  While people around me may not agree with them, they are however how things made me feel at that time. 

My feelings are not there to portray anyone out to be terrible or otherwise.  But if reading how their actions have made me feel makes them feel they look terrible.........then maybe they need to look at what they too have done to make me feel that way.

The last year has been a huge roller coaster for me.  I have moved countries, suffered injury, been a crown witness in a stressful court trial, suffered from health issues, struggled to stay motivated in my sport and suffered depression.  Not to mention an other issue within my own family that has its own bag of stress.

So there are days that I am strong and can handle every day life and then there are days when just the smallest thing sets me off and I don't cope and I probably do say or do stupid things.

I am human.  I dont always do the right thing all the time, I dont always say the right thing all the time.  But I am not a mean or nasty person.  I dont go out of my way to make someone else suffer or hurt.

I am a mother ....... and I miss my family.

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Glennis said...

Well expressed Nyle. But I don't think you have written anything that the majority of people could take offence from, your opinions are very well reasoned.