Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10km along the walkway

I am still not feeling 100% and my glutes were very sore today...(day 2 of the DOMS) 

I got home from work and headed out up the walkway.  It was really busy tonight and really windy.  While I was feeling ok during my walk, my times were not so great.  I think my glutes are still fatigued and I just had  no power.

In the end I figured there just wasnt much sence pushing hard when there was nothing there to push with, so I just kept at it and got it done.  The down side is its now starting to get dark early again.  So in another week or so I wont be able to do 10km during the week.   So not quite sure how that will go with my training as it is not safe to walk around here in the dark.

The walk was nothing flash and finished in an ok time of 1:03.15

10 km data here

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