Tuesday, June 09, 2015

First steps - Here we go!

I did a 6km walk on Saturday, just an amble - nothing flash.  More just to get the joints moving again.
38:14 for an avg pace of 6:22 per km.  

Tuesday - first decent session and bugger me .... I am the only senior of our group to show at the track.   So I thought I would see what the 3km road course is that the juniors do and then follow up with a quick 2 km on the track.

The 3km was a bit of a fizzer for me as the kids had all had events on that morning so were not in training mode......lots of stopping and talking.   I didnt know the route they were doing so had to stick with them until we headed back.  So the 3km was about 20mins....so good little ups and downs to get the legs working.

So I hit the track and set out to make it a good solid effort for 2km.   I felt really warmed up and ready.  I didnt feel as out of breathe as I thought I would, but I didnt have much speed in me either.   I was pleased to have done both kms at under 6min pace....just not sure how much more I had in me.  

1 km - 5:54
1 km - 5:50
Total - 11.44 for 2km

Happy with that.

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