Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Track session and first real push

Tonight had planned to push a little and see how I went.

I am a little courteous at the moment as I have developed a small complication called Mondors Cord.  Its where the tendons and veins become inflamed from the surgery and they form can feel them running from under the boob to my hip bone.   They are a little tender and I did feel them a little at the end of tonight's walk.

I warmed up with Paul, Kay and Debbie and then decided to walk my first km with them....more for social reasons than anything else.  We did our first km in 7:51 mins - taking it very slowly as its Pauls first walk after nearly 2 weeks off with a back strain.   Once we hit the next km mark though I was well ready to push and see how I go.  

I felt great tonight.  No shin pain, no glute pain ... just a little breathless and can feel the lacking of strength.

My kms went great...I picked up good speed and felt smooth.....trying hard to push with my arms now - not so afraid of using my chest now.

2nd km was 6:07
3rd km was 6:07
4th Km was 6:10
5th km was 6:04

All up my 5km was 32:21 but I can take off a good 1:30 from that ... so I am very happy.   Plus a low heart rate as well....  avg 144 max 164

I am off to New Zealand tomorrow and will continue to train while I am over there.   I am going to attend the burial of my Grandmothers Ashes.   I was just devastated that I was unable to attend her funeral due to my surgery in Bangkok.  So this trip will give me closure and some much needed family time.

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Tammy said...

Nice job :). You are on your way. That's a good low HR.