Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Easy 5km tonight

Phew,  the ol body sure let me know I had pushed it a bit hard in my 5000m race.   My back feels like its gone through a wringer!!!!

Muscles up both sides of my back and all through my shoulders......wow I really threw my all in to it.

Tonight its raining...infact its been raining since Friday...with just patches of not.  There was no track tonight and so Kay and I decided to head to the walkway.  While it means an easy walk for me....my back really didnt want me to go any quicker.

We just cruised along and chatted the whole way.  Kay needing the distraction from a busy day and me to forget how much my back was screaming at me to stop.  So we didnt care much for time and just enjoyed it for what it was.   35:32 was our time.

On thursday I have said that her and paul should head off when they arrive and I will chase them down once I get there.  That way I get a bit of a good hit out too.   Then I will make up my mind what distance I will walk this weekend.  Its the GC Walk champs for 10km....and that pulls at my competitive side..... but my sensible side is trying to stamp her foot and say ... YOU are not race fit yet...10km is too far unless you just training walk it.  I know myself to know I CANT do that.   Plus I also found out that the 20km road walk has a new course and is also only two weeks away....eeekkkk......    I have to learn to say NO.

5km wander

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