Wednesday, May 04, 2011

10km treadmill

Well I had the day off yesterday...I was meant to do 15km but as it was the last day I would spend with Teagan and Katie-May, I was able to take it off. Of course I felt guilty as about not doing anything but I did really enjoy my time with them. I woke up at 2am to the sound of torrential rain and wind.......we were taking them to the air port at 6am and I was very worried that their flight might have been delayed or cancelled. Luck enough it wasnt and they all got away on time......but the weather was still roaring and there was no way I could walk in that wind.

As I had 10km for today I opted to do it on the treadmill. Its not my favorite option and I dont think my coach likes it much either.....but there was NO way I was taking another day off. The weather forcast is for this weather to stay like this for another 5 days!!!!! UGH!! I have a hard track session on for tomorrow and regardless of how bad it is it will have to be done on the track.

So to try and make it as close to a normal walk I adjusted my speed up and down from 10.00 km/hr to 10.05 km/hr and this gave me fluctuating km splits.

I think my heart strap is starting to fault - perhaps it needs a new battery as during the quarter it shot my heart rate up to over 180 and today it also spiked it at 178...which there is NO way I was working that hard. Mid 140s yes but not above 150's....

10km treadmill

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