Thursday, May 12, 2011

3km, 2x 2km & 2 x 500m

Track today and the good news was the storm that came through last night has blown through it is ended up a really hot sunny day. I cant believe that I am walking on the track mid may still in my shorts and track top. This time last year I was in long pants and long sleeves with hats and gloves.

Plus I had invited another walker down ( my old training partner who first started me out in my walking) Sharon. It was so good to have another walker on the track. I had some company and some one to chase on the track. Sharon started out ahead of me and I followed after her. I had the 3km then 2 x 2km and lastly 2 x 500m

I was feeling great today. My legs were a little tired from yesterdays walk but after a few laps to warm up..they freed up nicely.

My first km felt good but felt a little too quick but I carried on managed to keep the pace up for the rest of the 3km. I took my recovery and started out on my 2km again. My first km was again quick but I started to feel it and slowed down for my second km. I was catching sharon just before my 2km which was great. But the next 2km set was getting harder. I was feeling slow and sluggish....the price for going out way too fast. I tried to pick it up again for the last 2 500m.

Upon getting home and looking at my data I am realy shocked to see that my first 3km was done in 15:57. I had NO idea I had done my watch was still set on recorded kms and so I to press lap at the actual km mark and so my km splits were woggy to look at ... it didnt feel like I had gone quicker for the 3km splits.....must have been having some one to chase!!!

So this was a fantastic walk and one of my best ever!!!

3km - 5:20
- 5:19
- 5:18
2km - 5:20
- 5:32
2km - 5:39
- 5:39
500m - 2:42
500m - 2:39

3km, 2x 2km & 2 x 500m

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