Saturday, May 21, 2011

20km out and back - monaco

I was not feeling to confident about my walk today. I had spent all day yesterday doing back stretches every two hours and sitting up right in an office chair for the the time I went to bed my lower back was just aching. I woke up at 7.30 and decided to take some anti flam and went back to bed for a little bit longer.

I decided I could procrastinate any longer and got up. I thought I would wear my new top to try it out. That turned out to be a wrong thing to do. It is the best top I have ever worn...I didnt over heat once, even when it did get hot with temp up to 18degs I still felt cool. Only trouble is the top is designed to pull sweat away from the body...but my patches with the logos on are made of cotton they got soaked with sweat and some of the fresh printed logos have run. So I will have to redo them.

So back to the walk......I decided that I wouldnt look at my watch at all today. That I would just walk at a pace my body felt good at. Once I got started and warmed up ... I felt great. I settled into a good pace, I was not breathing hard and was not pushing hard to keep the pace steady. Around the 3km spot I hit stop as an old work colleague was biking towards me and stopped to catch up. I carried on and noticed that I was getting alot more attention to what I normally do....I guess the logos really stand out on my shirt. I heard my watch chirp for the 10km and I stopped my watch again to have a stretch. The physio said that she wanted me to do 10 back stretches at the 10km mark and I new I needed them too as not long after the 9km mark I started getting pains in my hamstrings...which she said I would. So after the stretch I headed back for home. I did feel much better too. I was still feeling good, was not breathing hard and felt like I could have chatted to someone if I had company.

As I came up Beatson Road, I turned my watch back around on my wrist so I would see the display when I got to the I would only have 1km to go. I gave the watch a quick glance but figured I must have read it wrong. I pushed for the last km and stopped my watch.........I had to look twice to see I had read it properly. I had not intended to beat any of my other 20km times nor had I wanted to go pushing myself today either and I dont feel that I did. I stuck to a comfortable pace.

total time for today 2:01:08

20km out and back - monaco

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