Tuesday, May 10, 2011

8km fartlek at the track

I have had two days off to rest my Psoas muscle. I have been having pains in my legs, glutes and feet and it all seems to be coming from my back and my Psoas. I went to the chiropractor yesterday and she tried to release it and also clicked my back a few times. I am not sure if it worked or not. Last night my feet were the most painful they have been yet...so perhaps it flared up a nerve?? My feet feel as if someone is running a flame up and down the outter sides. Hurts lots and it doesnt matter what position I put my feet on the ground or up on the couch. But ,....anyhow......its only two weeks til Melbourne and I am trying very hard to not focus on any of this and to just get through it.

So instead of a 12km kick down my coach suggested I do an 8km fartlek in stead. I decided to try doing this on the track and today I actually managed to find the 1500m and 100m marks so the splits are right.

The weather was perfect. It had been quite cold all morning with a light drizzle but when I got to the track the sun was out and it was about 12 degs. I warmed up as best I could. My feet were still cold and stiff but not much I could do about that. I started out and felt very stiff. I think I was a little nervous to push my hips too much. But my first km was pretty quick - 5:19

I would have liked to have had all my recovery splits under 3:00 but sadly that was not to be. By the 5km splits my legs felt like lead and I was quickly running out of momentum. Mentally I started to panic as I thought my Psoas was going again. I had no drive, my legs were hurting and my feet were so sore. I almost stopped when I saw my fast lap had jumped to 2:46 and I still have more to go. I didnt feel I was going to be able to finish. So as I went into my recovery lap I decided that I would not focus on my recovery time and I would just let my body recover...I managed to pick up my times a little on the next couple of fast laps. All in all it was a good 8km fartlek and one of my fastest 8km but my body felt awful. I need to figure out what is causing the pain in my feet.

1km = 5:19
slow = 2:58
fast = 2:36
slow = 3:00
fast = 2:41
slow = 3:05
fast = 2:42
slow = 2:57
fast = 2:46
slow = 3:04
fast = 2:43
slow = 3:07
fast = 2:44
slow = 3:07
fast = 2:42

total time 45:38

8km fartlek at the track

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Tammy said...

those are amazing times. fantastic workout! Jim is really pleased!

I hope you can figure out the sore legs/feet/etc. That is pretty stressful, but at least you are still walking and walking FAST at that. Nice FAST first 5K!!! 27:12 is incredible. You will do 26:xx in Sacramento for sure!!!!!!!!! (That means you will lap me lol!)