Thursday, May 26, 2011

5km fartlek at the track

I went to physio today and was told that everything happening with my back is normal and very good. She was very happy that my back is hurting more as it means that the pain has moved up from my feet and back into my spine....she is confident that in the next day or two it will go completely. She also got very hands on with my Psoas as that had gone tight again but this time we both felt it release.

I went to the track and was nervous of how I would go. It was only a short 5km fartlek but with a sore psoas and back....hmmmm what would I be able to do.

The weather was packing in again and I really hoped to get it all done before the rain started.

I started out and felt good. I had a good rhythm going and there were no pains. I looked at my time and thought wow that was fast......I think that was my fastest 1 km yet???

I carried on with fast and slow.....everything was feeling good but I noticed a niggle in my back on the 4th km and when I started the fast 500m on that km the psoas started hurting me I slowed up. I did try to finish nice and strong on my last 500m but I was out of ommfff by then.

but I am very pleased with my effort time was 27:33

1 km - 5:06
2km - 2:59 / 2:31
3km - 3:00 / 2:34
4th - 3:02 / 2:37
5th - 3:04 / 2:36

5km fartlek at the track


Andrew said...

Sounds like some good progress is being made there Nyle, and that everything is coming right just in time. You have to be happy with 27:33 for 5k when that is not an all-out effort... I would love to see how fast you could go now if you were really racing hard!

Tammy said...

just awesome! can't wait to hear how the 20K goes! you'd better text me after the race!!! give David and Jim big hugs for me.... :)