Tuesday, May 24, 2011

12km out and back - Monaco

Ok......not wanting to rant here ... BUT ... my back HURTS!!!! or more my Right leg hurts from nerve pain.....my right knee and right hip feel like I am getting electric shock therepy.

I am trying to be positive and as my PT told me....it shows the pain is moving and that is a good thing..... but 4 days out from a big race!!!!! this is so NOT FAIR!!!

So my walk today was AWFUL......I felt great for the first 3km and then the pains started...first in my right hip and then it would zing my hip and shoot out in my knee......by 8km I was struggling to walk....I was not able to lock my right knee due to pain. By the time I got home I was angry and sore.....there were many swear words ... and yes there were tears!!!! tears of frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have done so well and come so far.....have put so much work into my training...... and now this................

it SUCKS~~~

so time for my walk was 1:16

and now I am off back to the Sports Clinic to see what is going on....

12km out and back - Monaco

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Tammy said...

Oh, Nyle :( I'm so sorry it's feeling worse :(. Sending you big hugs. I know exactly how you feel, really I do... being injured is the worst. But hang in there - everyone is saying you will be fine soon - PT, Jim, etc. so keep the faith and you will have a great race on Sunday!!!!!