Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10km on treadmill

i woke up at 2am.....lay there like a possum until 4.30am.............I was sneezing and having to blow my nose, I didnt feel to flash at all. All through the day I was feeling more and more tired with achey muscles. I refuse to get a cold. So I started chewing vit C tablets and drinking more water. I got home and even though the thermometer says its 16 degs out side it sure didnt feel like it as we now have a nice layer of snow on the surrounding hills and the chill in the air was pretty cold.

I got hold of my coach and ran it past him. I had 15km recovery walk to do and I didnt not want to do it....I just was worried this close to Melbourne would I be risking more by being out side. Its possible that my throat is sore and my nose running from all the wind in yesterday workout...but.....if not..... so Jim said 10km on the treadmill. I also had been feeling very light headed all day, feeling faint when was while I was chatting on the phone to Jim that I took notice of my heart he had called just as I was dressed to go out for my heart strap was on and watch was resting heart rate while talking on the phone was 42bpm......hmmmm that really does seem very low............

So treadmill it was to be and so that is what I did. I put on the music channel on the TV, cranked up the fan and set the speed to 10km/hr and I stuck to that until 5km and then slowed it down for a little bit as I was not feeling too good.....head was aching and I was feeling a little light headed....but by about 8km I had settled again so I put it back up to 10km/hr.

Total time for 10km on treadmill is 60:33 with avg heart rate of 132

I also jumped on the scales this morning and was surprised to see I have reached my goal weight for Sacramento. I have lost 8kg since December when I started to up my training and watch what I the trick will be to maintain it and not lose any more!!!

10km on treadmill

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Tammy said...

wow 8kg - are you sure that's not too much?

hope your cold and various aches and pains are better soon :)