Saturday, May 28, 2011

4km stride out by kyisis

Have had a great day. Melbourne was a little cold this morning but it looks like it will be fantastic weather for tomorrows race.

My dad and Joanne took me into Melbourne so I could check out the course, its really nice and flat. Will make for an exciting race for sure. We stopped off at the market and did a little shopping. :) My Dad and Joanne brought me an awesome cabin bag with WHEELS...yay .. no more lugging bags around.

Once we got home, it was have a snack lunch and then I went out and walked around the lake for my 4km stride felt nice and easy....but I see my time was pretty quickish.

My back pain has gone totally.....although I am not sure that is a good thing as with lugging around my carry on luggage for two hours....I think that compressed my back again as once I sat down for the Auckland to Melbourne flight the pain was there in my feet for the whole is still in my feet but I am totally fine with that as I know I can walk with it like that. Will address this once back in NZ with the physio.

really excited about my race tomorrow.

4km stride out by kyisis


Sarah said...

Good luck Nyle! You're going to do great!

david smyth said...

was great to see you again today and u did sooooo welll...sooo proud of u
see u soon xx