Saturday, January 31, 2015

10km along broadbeach

Today I decided to sleep in!!!!   it lasted about 30mins and as I was still wide awake and sweating from the heat, I figured I may as well be out side sweating and getting fitter.

I had missed the start of park run but that was ok.  I really wanted to do a longer walk today and had planned on a good solid 8km.   Turned out I felt much better than I first gave my self credit for and I did 10km.

There must have been a Surf Club event on today too as there were so so many different surf rescue groups.   At one time there would have been a good 50 people paddling out in the water heading out to the two large bouys out at sea.   Was quite interesting to watch and I kept walking back and forth.  I hate hedges ave with passion so today I decided to just go up and down on the walk way.  Its a measured 2km so its pretty easy to do so.  I did find that the last km of the walk way was under shade so when I hit 7km I turned back so that I could finish most of my walk in the shade.  

I stopped twice for water as it was getting very hot and humid.  Plus I was finding that as I looked down at the my watch and then back up to see, I would get a little light headed.   A sure sign of dehydration if ever there was.

I felt really good today....much stronger than last weekend and I managed to keep up a pretty good solid pace for the whole walk.   Doing a 1:02:16 for an avg pace of 6:14

Fitness is preserving nicely.  Plus I got home and did my squat and ab challenge.  Up to doing a minute plank (stop laughing!!!! thats a lot for me)

10 km data

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