Thursday, January 29, 2015

4km kick down

I was planning on doing 8km tonight.   WAS!!!!!'

But after working all day in our rat infested container moving all our archived filing into big plastic bins..... my back was totally screwed.   Infact I could barely stand up straight with out little electric shocks shooting down my legs.  Guessing lifting 52litre bins above my head was not my best plans, but I didnt really get much choice as the boss said it had to be done by 5pm tonight.  So done it was!!!!

anyhow.... I digress ...

I pulled up at the walkway and its a little breezy.  I do a couple of stretches and then just decide to warm up along the way.  The first km was just painful!!!! muscular wise..... as I got further it did feel better so at 2km I decided to turn back and just try to improve each km and end up with a short kick down.

1 6:15.8
2 6:10.9
3 6:10.9
4 5:54.6                           

I prob should have pushing a little harder at 3km but I am happy with this.

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