Tuesday, January 27, 2015

10 x 500m track session

I got up this morning and walked 4.5 km with Shane (my stupid watch took forever to lock in to a satellite so it only shows 3.5km) I really enjoy walking with him in the morning, takes me a while to wake up and we have some great chats along the way.   But I know that I need to go back to r/w in the morning again to boost up my kms each week.  Plus I did my squats and abs challenge when we got home.

Tonight is speed night at the track.   I was thinking of a 5km fartlek but when I got there Robyn had set all the seniors to do 10 x 500m and I figured.....what the hell...its still 5km.  I was not feeling that "fast" tonight.  Was great to see Paul there tonight so I knew he would help pull me along.

For the first 4 - I lead out but then I said to Paul he can lead out as I felt I was holding him up.  He did take off for the next couple but soon evened back to closer to my times.  I knew I was getting tired cause a couple of times I totally stuffed up my watch pressing stop not lap.... but I know what each 500 was so its easy enough to work it out.     Seems I avg about 2:40 per 500m and I am good with that.  We did 5min blocks so after a 500m we rested for 2:20 and then would go again.  My legs didnt end up too dead, I just seemed to be a bit tired today.  Still very happy to avg these for them all.  Pretty consistent I think.


My heart rate was rather steady today too.  So I am slowly getting fitter.              

10 x 500m data 

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Tammy said...

Nyle, those are AWESOME. I'd kill for even one 500m that fast right now. Great work!!!!!