Tuesday, February 03, 2015

12 x 200m and 1 x 1500m

Tonight was a tougher speed session.   My stomach had been playing up all day today but I was still determined to walk.

I did a quick two laps to warm up and when I heard what the others were going to be doing, I made sure I took it easy on my first 200m until I felt I was moving better.  

I never really felt like I flowed well tonight and I know it was due to my stomach.  Its been ages since its played up so I cant complain too much.   It just bloats up and goes tight and hurts....ALOT!!!  So its hard to twist and move when its feeling uncomfortable.  

Still I am happy with my times and surprised myself for a few of them.   I averaged 1 min for the 200's ... pretty good for how I was feeling.  But I did take it easy on the 1500m  I was tired by now and my tummy was really feeling crabby.   So for 1500m it was an easy time of 8:44

200 m 01:05.2
200 m 01:01.1
200 m 00:59.3
200 m 00:57.4
200 m 00:57.7
200 m 00:58.5
200 m 00:59.1
200 m 00:59.1
200 m 01:01.9
200 m 01:02.2
200 m 01:02.1
200 m 01:02.2
1500m 08:44.7

I was pretty pleased to get a couple of :57's in there....   LOL   but I really really dont like 200m I am not a sprinter.


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Tammy said...

Nice work speedy chick! :)