Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5km track - easy

After a terrible weekend both weather wise and health wise I was really feeling the need to do some form of exercise but I knew I was not up for speed work.   We had a big cyclone go through over the weekend so the weather was WILD to say the least and I ended up with a banger of a migrane that only went away yesterday..... way way way too many drugs in my tummy and its left me with some shocking abdo pains.   But I was determined to walk tonight and decided that I would just do an easy 5km.  

I warmed up with Kay for 3 laps and then had a good stretch.  I figured at the very least I could make it to 3km and if I felt ok then carry on for the 5km.   When my tummy is like this I never know how I will go, sometimes I can start out and it settles and goes away...other times it just hurts the whole way but not enough to stop.

I was really surprised when I started out how ok I felt.....Robyn did say I looked abit stiff but I settled after a bit.  (was not able to twist to much at the beginning)  so when I went through my first km in 5:52 I was really surprised.  It didnt feel like I was going that fast.   hmmmm wonder if my Multi B and Vit D injection have worked so quickly lol....only had them yesterday.  But the rest of my walk remained the same pace.   I finished the 5km and felt really good ..... stomach still in knots but I am used to that....but body wise I felt great.

29:17 for an easy 5km .............. hell yes I will take that!!!

5km track data

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Tammy said...

Wow. You are so fast these days. I am impressed. Happy for you...but sad for me. I doubt I will ever be that fast again :(.