Monday, February 16, 2015

Training's coming along well

Thursday :-
Kay, Paul and Deb were all meant to met up at Broadbeach for our usual 8km easy...but unfortunately they were not able to tonight.   So I headed there myself.   I am really glad that I thought to put my headset in the bag so I had music.   It also gave me a chance to have a good step out and push for a good 8km.  I felt really good and took it nice and easy for the first 4km then started to pick the pace up for the last 4km.   At 7km it started to rained hard!! so it sure made me go faster to get to the car.   :D    total time was a good 50:41 for an avg pace of 6:20
8km data

My hubby ended up with a nasty gastro virus and for 3 days I felt very seedy and unwell myself.  It was also our wedding anniversary on Saturday (Valentines Day)  so we just stayed tucked up at home.   Sunday I didnt feel like walking still but I did make up a small crossfit circuit in my lounge.   I had the couch to use as step ups,  crunches,  planks, mountain climbs,  bridges and side oblique crunches which I did a set of for a min between doing small weights - dumbbell curls, shoulder press, lateral raises,  tricep extension,  wide stanch squats.    After 30mins I was pretty sweaty and feeling like I had achieved a really good workout.

Monday ;-
Back to my racewalking in the mornings.  I felt better today and so stepped out for my 5km.   I did an easy 31:29 for an avg pace of 6.17    My morning walks are not about speed but technique.  I work on getting a good twist in my hips and push off with my back foot.   Its slowly getting easier and with the squat and ab challenge that I have been doing...I feel stronger too.

5km data

I will be taking a short break from walking in April for 6 to 12 weeks to have surgury.   So I need to get as much fitness in as I can.   I will be able to use stationary bike but I already know that it does nothing for holding onto rw fitness.   I have 60 days to drop 4kg and tone up a little, so I am amping up the cardio now and cutting back the kj's in my diet.   Being of early menopause age...I am finding it sooo hard to lose any weight at all.   Seems the more I train the less I losse.   I know that once it starts to drop off it will just continue...its just getting it to start.  I must say that aging really does SUCK!

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