Saturday, February 28, 2015

12 km along the broadbeach

I should have stayed up this morning.   Shane went to work at 5.30am and I felt pretty decent BUT being a big lazy bum, I went back to bed and woke up at 8.30am feeling shattered and had to really talk myself into getting my butt out the door for this walk.

I really wanted to do 12km.  I didnt care how long it took me just to get it done.   I need some long walks to not only build up my endurance but these long slow walks burn the most fat and I must lose 3 kg in the next 7 weeks.    Doesnt sound like much but in the last 3 weeks I have only lost .5kg and its frustrating me no end.

I felt pretty decent for most of this walk.   I can certainly feel that I am using my glutes more now and by 8km they were really telling me they were working.  Oddly looking at my km splits I was doing one km at an easy and one km at a moderate (10 sec dif).   To me I felt like I was walking pretty much the same the whole way.   Not sure if that is just the lay of the ground or just how I was feeling at the time.   I do know that it was getting pretty hot out there and my arm that had the laser on it was starting to heat up on the last few kms.   I put a large glob of sunscreen on it before I went out so I dont think it got burnt.  It was 29 degs when I got back home....just a slightly warm day.

The last 3 km were a bit of a mission.  I had to keep checking my form and telling my self that it wasnt far now and to keep legs and glutes were getting pretty sore and tired and on the last km I worked hard to pick up the pace to finish.   I wanted to see if I could still find a little bit in the tank for the last km.   I did but it was pretty much it.   Total time for 12km was 1:16:08 so an avg km pace of 6:21 per km.   I am happy with that as its faster than I thought I would be.

I am definitely noticing a huge difference in my walking since I have been doing regular weight sessions and calisthenics with bodyweight workouts.   Its made me much stronger which I guess is helping me be faster with less effort in my walking.    Core strength is slowly coming along now and I can finally do a 90 sec plank...............hey for me thats bloody awesome casue when I started I could only just do 25 secs.

12km data

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