Tuesday, March 03, 2015

10 x 300m / 100m cool down

Short and sharp track session tonight.   Kay and I decided to join in with the juniors work out.   While I dont like the short distance speed sessions I decided that tonight I just wouldnt go all out and I should be ok.   I tend to push too hard on the short distance and end up pulling my hip flexors.

So tonight I held back and focused on technique which I was told looked good and relaxed.

My 10 fast 300's were all at a good solid pace with an avg of 1:37

Laps Time
1 01:41.6
2 01:36.5
3 01:37.2
4 01:38.0
5 01:37.7
6 01:38.0
7 01:37.1
8 01:36.6
9 01:36.7
10 01:36.0

I am happy enough with that.   Avg heart rate was 148 which is showing my fittness is returning slowly.

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Tammy said...

Nice work! You are FAST :) :) :).