Sunday, March 15, 2015

10km slog

Well they say you are what you eat!   Today I was cheese whiz!!!!!

Last night I had a strong urg for Pizza!  its very rare that I ever want pizza and I used to LOVE domino's.   So I thought why not have a treat and went and brought a large Hawaiian and a Half/Half of Chicken hawaiian, and Chick, bacon/bbq.   The first thing I noticed when I opened the box at home was that it looked like a heap of yellow liquid had been poured over the pizza and to my horror at first bite discovered that was the cheese!!!!   The chicken on my pizza was ground up and tasted nothing like chicken.................... I was very disappointed to say the least.  I should have just gone to the Italian place up the road and brought from them.  

I woke up today and was really just not feeling like doing anything,  my back was achy and I felt really flat.   But, laying in bed is not keeping me fit or helping me to shed some weight. So I got up and dragged my butt out the door.  

I had to fight with myself the whole walk today,  I felt flat and stodgy, no energy and no get up and go.  My back hurt and my head was just telling me to quit.   So to cheat myself into doing at least 10km..... instead of turning back on the walkway (which would have finished me at 8km) I turned and went up hedges ave for a 1 km ... knowing that when I turned it would end me on 10km.  Hedges was really busy with bikes so my times dropped dramatically as I was going up and down on the curbs and dodging people on bikes.

My friend Tammy made it to 20km today..........I take my hat of to her, there was no way I had that in me today and even her first 10km was was faster than mine today.... she will be tickled to know that :D

Well its done now and wailing over it wont change it.   While it was a slow 10km it was still done.  1:05:23 with a low avg heartrate of 148 wish shows I just wasnt working hard....

10km data

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Tammy said...

awww it was just the pizza are still super fast and strong - we all have bad days and it is OK - hugs to you!