Sunday, March 29, 2015

10km Corporate Challenge Race 2

I didnt do Race 1 which was a 5km as it clashed with a Masters club walk and I choose to do that.  But no that the Summer season has come to an end and there are no more races til Winter season starts, I decided to jump at the Race 2 which was 10km.

I haven't posted much about my training over the last week or two.  Nothing really exciting to report....just me ticking on doing what I do.   Have not done any speed sessions and have just decided to do distance with an avg pace as I am trying to lose some weight before surgery in 3 weeks...not that it has worked that well...sigh.

The course was really nice, its a 5km loop - the first 500m follows the road and then you swap over to a path on the nature reserve, this goes for about 1.5km then you pop back out on the road for one of the longest sections of the race - a long straight that is nearly 1.5 km.   Then you pop up the bank and follow the edge of the cycle drome......for the second lap you flick to the left and join back up to the start again.....on your finishing lap you flick right and do one lap of the track to finish.

It was pretty congested for the first 1km as people were starting to pull away from each other.  I stayed with the 55min pace runners for the first km but they slowly pulled away as I started to settle into a slower pace.   I was having trouble breathing properly and at the 4km mark was starting to cough and dry retch (I have had a gummy throat for about 2 weeks....its not sore ... just got gunk that seems stuck in it...worse at night time)

At the 5km and the start of the final lap,  I started to clear my breathing and decided to try and pick off the group of runners that were a head of me.  The 60min pace runner had just passed me and I really wanted to stay on her heel.  The path way through the nature reserve...while pretty ... is not fast .. for a walker the path is too uneven to really get too much speed going....and I noticed that my pace had dropped ALOT in this section.  I had picked off 4 of the runners and now set my sites on the last one ahead of me.   I caught her just as we hit the bank up to the cycle drome... 1 km to go and so I dug deep and managed to pick my pace up enough to get past her and to put a good gap between us.  I really thought she would take chase but I think she was pretty much done.

When I popped out on to the do one lap to come around to the finish area.....there was a runner a head of me who had stopped for air but started running again when she saw me coming.... as we came round the last bend the commentator saw us and started egging us both on and alerting the crowd that here comes the first walker and its going to be an all out with a runner to cross the line.   I did catch her and we both crossed the line at the exact same time....... 1:01:13   ... and I forgot to push stop on my watch LOL .... I was pushing so so hard to catch her.....I fair flew.   The finish photographer came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder with a grin ear to ear.... he showed me his screen on the camera and said "you're busted" ...... DQ for you he said......    yep the photo shows me about an inch off the ground with both feet.............. I replied you know what...that fact that I can lift is just bloody amazing in its selft but at the end of a 10km when I was shattered.... I will gladly take that!!!    So I am waiting for the photo to be uploaded to his site as I know there will be many comments...............and thats ok :D

10km data

Side note::::   Will head to Dr this week if my throat doesnt clear up....I had thought it may have been caused from drinking milky coffees when I know I cant really do dairy.... but two weeks its two weeks too many.

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