Sunday, April 05, 2015

Solid 10km training walk

I am really enjoying the added gym work outs.   We have a small home gym on our balcony and I have a small set of dumb bells that I use for all my moves.   I just do high reps and only have a 20 sec rest between sets.  Plus I also do jumping jacks, crunches, leg raises, push ups and twists in between as well.   So it keeps me moving - only my lower back doesnt like it too much.   I am hoping that as I strengthen my core and other muscles this will eventually go away.

Today I really wanted to walk...its Easter and I have been nibbling on chocolate and eating out alot... I really need to get out.   

It was nice this afternoon....the rain has stopped and the cloud lifting.   It wasnt super hot which was a nice change.  The walk way was packed as normal, lots of kids on bikes and people walking their dogs.   I decided to add in bursts of speed to make this walk a little more substantial.   So every couple of km I would pick up for 500m of it.   I felt good and strong during this walk and had planned to do 12 km but when I got to 8km my back was starting to ache and so I decided to not push it and stop at 10k,    As I dont have any events that I am training for at the moment I would rather stop than end up hurt.  

Its only 2 weeks not till I go to bangkok.  Not sure how I will cope with ZERO exercise for at least 4 weeks.    I guess I will cope .. well I have to dont I.

time for today was pretty decent for a training walk.  10km in 1:02:10 for an avg of 6:13 per km.  I am happy with that.

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Tammy said...

Great job! Better to stop like you did than continue on to 12km and have problems. You were nice & speedy and it probably felt good to get out :).