Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3km fartlek and 4 x 500m

After a shocking 3km race on Friday night, I managed to back it up the next morning with a moderate 5km walk at the Parkrun in 29:51

My body had not recovered from the 200m repeats and I have decided to stay away from them.

Today I had decided to do a 5km fartlek but changed my mind about 3/4 through the workout.  So instead I did a 3km fartlek and then 4 x 500m so I still did 5km

3km fartlek went well and I while I felt sluggish I walked much faster than I had on Friday night.  My Moderate 500ms were under 3mins.    all in all I am happy with this.

1st km  = 5:22
500m easy = 2:59 and 500m fast = 2:46
500m easy = 2.58 and 500m fast = 2:43

total time for 3km fartlek was 16:51 - a much more acceptable time.

then I went on to do 4 x 500m but my watch started to do some really odd things and kept acting like I had pressed stop not lap but I know I was pressing lap.  

1st 500m = 2.39
2nd 500m = 2.41
3rd 500m = 2.43
4th 500m = 2.40

I had a 2min rest between sets but shows I was much faster in these than during my fartlek.

Feeling much happier with this workout.

3km fartlek

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