Thursday, February 19, 2015

5km treadmill

We were all going to do 8km along the walk way but Cyclone Marcia has other ideas!   She is due to hit the Gold Coast at 10pm tonight but already we are getting rain and wind.   Its been up graded to a Cat 4 .... I really feel for those further up north where it is going to hit land soon.  

So I decided to come home and jump on the treadmill in the downstairs gym.   The last time I used it I thought something was wrong with it and today I am sure of it.   As I walked in you can see its up on an incline but when you turn it on it says its level...hmmmm I started it and couldnt walk at the top of the treadmil so I knew it was not level,  I had to drop it to -2 to get it level (Shane says its prop lost the two back feet on the treadmill)  I also found the belt hard and surging so it was difficult to get into a smooth style.   But I manage to make it through to 5km before I thought bugger this and left it.

I am hoping the storm will have passed by Saturday as I would like to head out and get a 12 or 14km walk done..... but I am not going to bother if its pouring and windy.

time for tonight as an easy 32:49

Data here

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