Sunday, November 08, 2015

Calf update

Sorry its been soooooo long...but to be honest I have not had the heart to post.

 As you probably know,  I had a tear to my left solious.  I have been to physio and had dry needling and exercise to do.....but 6 weeks on it is no better and it keeps tearing.  I have not even been able to try and racewalk.  It tears walking up a small rise or drive way, it tore again today just walking across sand to the beach.    so now I am headed to the dr and will try to get a scan done so my physio can tell me what is going on.  

all I know is.....if I am not training again by January then World Masters is off the schedule.  I am pretty guttered about this.....its my first bad injury and not training is driving me nuts.

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