Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10 x 500m Track

Time to start waking up those fast twitch muscles!!!  they have been in a deep sleep and well hidden from me for quite some time.   I have just started doing Aerial Yoga and hope that by becoming more flexable and with a stronger core....my racewalk times will start to come down.   If I can open up my hips more so that I can get better rotation...my stride will lengthen and I will travel further and faster.....    it sounds SO easy when you just write it down hey.   SIGH!!!

I got to the track and was pleased that the winds have died down and it was just a little chilly......shhhh tammy!   11 degs to me is just down right freezing now!!!  how on earth did I train with frost on the ground..... beats me!

Any how we all warmed up and I had decided that I wanted to do 5km but rather than a fartlek I thought I would do 10 x 500m with a 3min rest....some I did a 2min rest but my fitness is not ready for that yet.  But I am pleased to say that my times were pretty good.   Some I would almost put into my "fast" bracket.   :D

2:36   -  my garmin will show a different time but I pressed the wrong button again.

if I could do that back to back for 5km that gives me a 26:03   ...... once apon a time I could do that....so I WILL do that again....watch this space!!!!

10 x 500m

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Tammy said...

Really great. You are fit again so fast. I'm jealous :(. But happy for you :) :) :)!