Sunday, July 19, 2015

5000m Masters Winter Carnival

Today we had two races to pick from.  1 - the 10km Postal Challenge  2 - the 5000m GC Masters Winter Carnival.   I had long earlier opted to do the 5000m as it was closer to home, not such an early start and we had plans for later in the morning.

Turns out Paul, Debbie and Kay all had the same thoughts and entered last week as well.   I really enjoy track races and was looking forward to have a good step out.  

I have been doing aerial yoga to help with flexibility and also doing core and strength training at home.  While I re-start all of these its only obvious that I will end up feeling stiff and sore for the first couple of weeks...... and I do!  But its a good feeling and I really love that I am waking up sleeping muscles.

Today was perfect temps for racing.....about 15 degs with a slight breeze.... just perfect.   We started out and I felt great....stiff but great.   Got a good stride on and felt like I was relaxed and flowing well.   Did my first km in 5.26 but then my lack of fitness stepped in and my next km dropped back to 5:40.   I tried hard to stay at this pace and looked to see Debbie ahead of me and tried to pick up my pace to pass her.

I went through 3 km in 16:49 and I thought to myself...just keep pushing you might get close to 28mins today, but I kinda hit a wee wall and ended up doing my slowest km for 5:46 and then my last km I was trying to catch Paul (which I did but it zapped me in doing so) and again it was a 5:44 - so 10secs lost in these two kms....  but still.  I am very happy with how my training is going and how I am feeling while I am racing.   Nothing is hurting and I am starting to relax and flow.

Total time for the 5000m was 28:19  

5000m race data

1st place masters W45-49  new medals....they are so nice

Winners are Grinners!

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