Sunday, August 09, 2015

10km QRWC Road Champs

Today was one of those .....I have no idea how I will go....days.
 its been awhile since I have raced 10km as most of my training has only been 5 and 8k  distances.   I knew it was going to be a good race especially if erika comes as we are so close in our times.  I was not sure if my fitness would hold up over 10km and new that it would come down to race tactics if I hoped to win.  I LOVE races like this.  I had pretty much worked out how I would race.  I thought if I could do 5min laps it would give me a season best time. 

we get underway and I comfortably step out and take lead female.  3 laps and erika has caught up and is sitting right on my heel.  as per my pre race goal, I was doing 5.05 per lap.  I wondered if erika would try for lead spot but I could tell from her breathing that she was pushing pretty hard. 

At 7.5km I decided it was time to put on a burst and see if she would follow.  I put 20m between us and then again.  2 laps to go and I had a 60m lead.   11 laps and then a short 200m to the turn cone and back for the finish to cross in 57.41 ........ wow where did that come from.

am loving the battles we are having.  erika wil, improve each time she races so it will definitely help to keep me focused on my training.

10km data

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