Tuesday, April 23, 2013

8km fartlek along the walkway

I was keen to get this one out of the way.  I was pretty hopeful that my calfs wouldn't bother me too much as racewalking uses different muscles.  The walk way is not the best spot for speed work but its all I have got that is measured ... so I should at least start to see improvement eventually.  

I started out and found that I was right...my calfs were fine.  I set my watch to beep every 500m but after I went through my first 500m my watch continued to beep ... constantly and I glanced and saw that it was full and not recording the data.  So when I got to the end of the walk way (2km) I stopped and cleared my watch.  But it didnt start recording properly until after 3km.  I had passed Shane and Kelly as they were heading out for their walk and also saw Kay and Paul.  We had met at the start of the walkway but they were doing 10km and I was doing 8km.

After 4km I found that my hamstring was starting to hurt a little so I stopped and gave my leg a stretch.  I headed back out again and while I felt strong, I kinda felt sluggish too.  So I concentrated hard on tucking my butt and using my glutes to power through.  After a very brief but haste toilet stop I was away again....thank goodness for the great facilities in this area.  I passed Shane and Kelly again as they were headed back to home and really wanted to can it and join them but my time at this stage was ok.  I went through 3km at 17:18 and then 5km at 29:19 so at the moment things were looking ok but I was tired.  My legs felt trashed.  

total time was 47:24 ................. at least I managed to keep it all under 6min km in total.  

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