Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5km Fartlek along the walkway

There is a storm brewing!!!  Thunder and lightening has been cracking for the last hour and it is pouring down.  Oh happy joy and I have to go out in that and do a speed workout......UGH

I got home and quickly changed into my gear and quickly headed out the door.  As luck would have it....the rain stopped just as I made it to the start of the walk way.  Yay!!!!  But it was still awesome watching the lightening out over the sea.  

I started and really tried hard to get some good speed going.  I felt heavy and sluggish (but then the walkway makes me feel like that most days)  I got to my first km mark in 5:41  (already I am 20 seconds slower) 

I slowed and discovered the walkway is flooded and had to go up over the grass and sand which made my feet very slippery for the next fast 500m but I pushed on.  I tried really hard on this workout.  As we no longer have a track to walk on this will be where I will do my speed work.  So I needed a base time so I can at least see improvement as time goes by.

My recoveries are still too high and something I need to work on.

1st km = 5:41
2nd km = 3.03 + 2.44 (5:47)
3rd km = 3.08 + 2.45 (5:53)
4th km = 3.07 + 2.53 (6.00)
5th km = 3.03 + 2.49  (5:52)
total time 29:18   I am happy enough with that.

On a sad note..........I drove to work this morning in total disbelief at what I was hearing on the news.  A terrorist attack at the finish of the Boston Marathon.  I spent all day following the news updates and talking to my friend Lis in Denver.  I am still reeling from such a stupid senseless act.  Killing everyday people enjoying a very special and elite sporting event.  Even worst was a child was killed and many others terribly injured.  Athletes have had many amputations and lives will never be the same again.  I can only hope the catch the people responsible   

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