Saturday, April 20, 2013

10km race - 2nd in series

I got up nice and early (5:20am) and started to get ready as Kay was picking me and denise up at 5:50am.
First thing I noticed when I got out of bed was how sore my glutes were.  Like they were REALLY sore and it took me a few moments to work out why.............I had spent the day at work walking around in my new heels (4 inch stiletto's) I am trying to break them in and I forget how much you use your glutes for balance when on your toes.  DOH!

Its an hour drive into Kalinga Park, in Brisbane.  I like this course as it seems to be a very fast course.  They always put the wheel over it and so I know that it is 10km...... its a 500m out and back plus it has tree cover over it so the GPS always reads short.
Me about 7km ish

We all head out and warm up.  I was hoping my butt would losen up during the warm up but it was still aching alot.  Oh well....lets see how we go.   All the guns are here today with the fast juniors lining up with all of us.   (The road series is not Masters, its open A grade)  And we are off.  I let the young ones shoot out and decided to set up chase and see if I could pick off the same 2 I did last week.  Plus Katya was here today and I was really encouraging her to beat me....which she can do very easily, its just not often she does the 10kms.  With in the first km I had picked off one and was setting up chase on Katya and 2km I had passed them both, but Katya was staying close.  At 3km I was feeling great but my glute was starting to hurt.  It felt fatigued and I could feel the strength draining from me.  As I turned at the 500m (clockwise turns)  I had a sharp pain go through my right glute and pain go through my psoas too.  Oh Pox.....and just like that ..... i had a flat tyre!!!!  Speed dropped off and I struggled to keep a pace at all.  Damn it.  The next km Katya and another had caught me back up and passed me again.

I nearly pulled out at 5km but decided ... well may aswell finish it and just do it as a training walk.  But by 8km I was able to pick it back up again and gave chase after Katya.  I did gain on her but not enough to catch her.

I finished in 58:17  ..... WOW, I am rapt!!!  now to keep it up.

10km race data

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