Sunday, September 01, 2013

A weeks worth of training

As you all know I am slowly recovering from very low B12 and my energy levels wane dramatically.  So I tend to just walk as far as I feel I can each time I go out.  So its usually nothing startling to post about.  I am trying hard to train more often but I just find if I do back to back walks it wipes me out.  I try to walk at least 4 times a week......sort of every other day.  This week I am going to try to walk back to back twice in a row.  Will see how that goes.

Any how, this week I have gotten up early morning and done the following:-

Monday = 4km - A very easy 4km with Shane
Tuesday = 6km in 36:44 this is an avg pace of 6:07
Weds = 8km in 50:03 this is an avg pace of 6:15
Thurs - REST
Friday / Saturday - Shane and I walked around the Zoo and Aquarium.  I decided against training as my ankle was hurting and felt rather stiff.  We had a birthday party that we traveled back into Brisbane for on the Saturday and we stayed the night nearby.

Sunday (Today) I was going to do 5km on the treadmill but as I went to go down to the treadmill I decided to head out and zip along the walkway.  My ankle felt ok.....but my shins were hurting a bit today.  All up it was 5km in 30:26 for an avg pace of 6:05

5km data

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