Wednesday, September 04, 2013

8km that become 5km .....grrrr

Well my tummy has decided to go out in protest.  Not quite sure what it is protesting about....but it sure gets heard!!!!

Within 30mins of eating dinner last night - BANG!!! in come the cramps and spasms.  Not much can be done other than the lady like lean to the left to try and release some trapped air......but that is only short term relief.   When I woke this morning I was still feeling tender but I thought I would be ok and I really wanted to get my 8km done and dusted.

I started out and was enjoying ticking along.  I found that 6:10 per km was a perfect pace and was feeling easy today.  The walkway is 2km long and I start my walking about 400m before it so when I get to the end of the walk way I can either carry on up the road for 100m and turn to make it 5km in total or I can turn back at the end and just to the 2km loops and make it any distance I want.  By the time I got to the end of the walkway there was only one option for me.  Do 5km if I can.  My stomach was in knots!

I turned and had to work hard to keep my pace around the 6:10 mark......cramps/spasms were every 3 - 4 mins so it was not a pleasant walk back.

I am thinking I might go back onto the liquid and soft foods diet.  Soups and mashed stuff....boring but it did help.  Eating salads seems to be too much fibre and really sets me going.

total time for today was 30:40  avg hr 145 so am I getting fitter ... Yay

5km data

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