Sunday, September 22, 2013

15km around Emerald Lakes

Shane suggested I walk around Emerald Lakes and that he would also come and walk too.  I know that it is 4km so I figured 3 loops and a bit.

We started out and we figured I would catch and pass Shane around the 5km mark.  The first loop went well.....after climbing up the steep rise around the 3.5km mark I figured that was not much fun and so next time round I opted to go around the rise as I saw that the gate was open.  I did catch shane around the 5km mark.  It was here he took some video of me.  I stopped briefly to chat with shane who was walking back towards me......turns out he went a different way so there was no chance of me passing him..... but he did give me an alternate route which worked out much better.  So I did the outta ring twice and the inner ring once.  As I crossed the bridge Shane got out and took some video of my finish.

I really enjoyed walking around the Lakes and might make it my regular walk on the weekends.  Its nice and smooth and there is hardly anyone on it.  LOVE that fact.

Total time for my 15km was 1:32:39 for an avg of 6:10 and avg heartrate of 154

15km at Emerald Lakes

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