Tuesday, September 03, 2013

6km along the walkway

My stomach flared up last night and I was not sure if I could walk in the morning.  But it seemed to have settled when I woke up.  I was planning on doing 8km.

I headed out and started walking once I reached the foot path near home.   I was enjoying an easy pace and just settled into it nicely.  I was not struggling or pushing hard and enjoyed the nods and greetings from the regulars along the way.  As I got to the 3km mark I felt that familiar stabbing pain in my lower stomach and instantly knew it was going to get ugly and fast.  So I turned and headed back.

Along the way back my pain levels were up and down and I was struggling to keep form and just turn my legs over.  I managed to pick up the pace mainly due to wanting to get it over with as fast as I can.  As I rounded the bend to where I started my watch chirped about 20m short again........grrrrr and I thought my time looked a bit quick.  But it did bring me back the 3km so I checked the lap splits out and thought the last lap was really really off.  5:37 for 1 km in the condition I was in ...this was a joke.  I zoomed in on the map once I uploaded the data and you can clearly see that it looks like I shot off to the beach at 32kph?????  holy cow..................... no wonder my time was so gammy.

I dont quite beleive that I did 6km in 36:23 ..... perhaps closer to 37:00  but even so ... for the pain I was in....I am happy to take any time.

6km data

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