Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5km quick zip along walkway

I am still buzzing after the Qld Club BBQ and Relay day.  On Sunday Robyn and I drove in to Kallinga Park and joined everyone for the Relay and BBQ.  In the relay each of the 4 member team walked 1 km each.  I went all out (its hard to start your watch and tag someone at the same time so I was a few seconds wrong when starting and finishing my watch)  I felt really good today, no aches or pains and I felt like I had really good form and I just FLEW.....by my watch I had done that km in 5:15 and I was totally over the moon and even rang Jim to brag......but the crazy part is...... the club were timing everyone and they have me at 4:55!!!!  I even questioned this and so they got the other 3 memebers of my team over and checked everyones watches to the times they had and it all worked out.  So officially my km was 4:55 ... totally crazy stuff.

Today I decided to try my new short shorts again.  This time I pulled the legs up instead of down and it worked much better.  No seam to rub against .... I did use vaseline to help with the leg rub on leg rub...but this wore off pretty quickly and while I didnt get any chaffing it was feeling uncomfortable so I decided to stay with the shorter walk today of 5km.  Will have to use Glide or find another product if I want to use these shorts for longer walks.  I want to use shorter shorts as I really need to do something about this tan line of mine.  LOL  I have a very distinctive tan line from wearing the skin shorts that go to mid thigh.  Time to bring the line up a little.  

Todays walk was good, while I was a little tired and again got a little light headed I still felt good.

Time was 30:21 avg pace of 6:04 and avg heartrate of 140........... perfect!!!!

5km data

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