Thursday, September 19, 2013

4 x 400m speed work

I decided to try and make it to the grass track to train with the others.  It takes 30mins to drive from my work to it and it didnt help that there was an accident along the way.  So it took 35mins today.   I got there just after 5.30pm and by 6pm it was too dark to use the track (the dont have lights)

So in the short time I had there, I decided to just do as many 400m as I could in the short time frame.  Plus with my stomach playing up all day so I was unsure how long I would last.

This was my first speed session so I was going to be happy with what ever came out ... plus it was on a grass track that was pretty well looked after.....the last 200m were a little choppy.

1st 400 = 2:06 avg heart rate 142
2nd 400 = 2:06 avg heart rate 141
3rd 400 = 2:05 avg heart rate 148
4th 400 = 2:06 avg heart rate 149

I was totally happy with this.

1st 400

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