Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3km fartlek along the walkway

Got up with Shane bright and early............yawn!!!

We headed down to the walkway and I said that I would probably do 5km and so would met him back at the start point.  I headed off and at first felt a tad stiff from the 15km but soon warmed up.  As I came up to the first 1km marker I did what females do best......and changed my mind!!!

I stopped my watch (1.39 km is a good enough warm up)  and reset my watch.  From this point I could easily do my 3km fartlek and still met back with Shane.  I changed my auto lap to .500m and hit go.

1st km - I really didnt fire well.....My breathing was pretty heavy this time round but the legs were pushing through under me and I can feel my hips snapping back a lot quicker now.  2:30:6  + 2:44:6 = 5:15:2

2nd km - I was feeling pretty shattered and took it easy on the recovery - then tried to push up for the fast 500m but there was little in the legs for this one 2:58:3 +2:50:6 = 5:48:9

3rd km - I wanted to finish on the good note, I was not expecting to be too quick as its been a wee while since I have done any form of speed.  My legs were pretty tired now 3:04:3 + 2:41:6 = 5:45:6

Total time was 16:52 with avg heart rate of 163

3 km data

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