Saturday, October 05, 2013

Chiropractor AGAIN.....and a 5km walk to test it out

After my 3km fartlek last week and the 3000m race - my SI joint become stiff and tight .... then the TFL on my hip pulled and I was hurting all the time.  I did a 5km on the treadmil on tuesday but it was too soon and it pretty much caused the damaged.
Weds I managed to get into my chiropractor and I was so pleased to hear that she does ART therapy.  So I had a very good session with her and did feel much better.
While not able to walk, I was able to do burlesque if I took it easy........which I did.
Today I decided to try 5km along the walk way.  My hip or glute didnt hurt but my hamstring did.  Low and in the centre of the hamstring.  I kept the pace easy and was surprised to see my finishing time as it didnt feel like I was pushing to hard.

5km for 30:07 avg heart rate 146

5km data

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Victor Barnes said...

Sounds like the chiropractic sessions work right for you each time your hip and joint needed a break. I see you’re a racewalk enthusiast, but you do need to keep up the rigorous training from time to time. Don’t forget about the 10% and hard-easy rule. And of course, listen to what your body tells you. Being an athlete yourself, I know that you are aware of these things. So, just take these as friendly reminders. Take care!

Victor Barnes @ Spine Boy