Sunday, October 27, 2013

3000m Masters Walk plus a couple of sprints for fun

I almost didnt get up this morning.  I am having so much fun having my son to stay - so with zero training, poor eating and lots of drinking....I am in poor shape for a race.  So I figured that I would let the boys lay in and get a sleep in and I would do the 3000m and just be happy with my result.

I was feeling pretty stiff and sore from an awesome burlesque session on Friday night and a full on day walking yesterday at the GC600 races, so I was not expecting anything to startling from today - I know my body well because it was really not that startling.   Right from the start I had no power.  I felt rather stodgy, while I still moved well and my body didnt seem to be hurting any quads, hammies and glutes were well fatigued.  Seeing Paul out in front of me did make me want to chase him down....but no matter how much I tried to power on and find that next eluded me.    But I am not upset or down about it....I expected exactly what I got this morning.  So I will chalk it up to a training walk and be happy with it.

total time for 3000m was 17:35

3000m race

Now for the fun part.  As I was about to leave everyone called out and asked if I wanted to join in with the sprints.....60m and 100m.  What the hell.........Kay decided she would racewalk but I thought I might try to run would not be pretty but it was for a laugh.  The races today were handicapped so for the 60m I was put on the start line.  BANG and we are off........I caught and passed on running and nearly caught the other (she was started 12m ahead of me)  my time was 00:11:06  LOL but it was fun.  So for the 100m I was handicapped +10m, a new runner had arrived and she was given -10m, the other two were +12m and +35m ............. BANG and we are off again.....I crossed the line about a metre beind the girl I had nearly caught before.  The new runner passed me at 20m to the finish and just flew past.  I think I will now need a new HIP!!!!!  lol but it was a great laugh and great fun.   Not 100% sure of my 100m time but I think it was 00:16:30

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