Thursday, October 10, 2013

An easy 5km this morning

Woke up at a decent hour this morning after getting a very good full nights sleep.  Migrane has finally passed and I was feeling pretty decent.   Legs are feeling alittle achy from the track but nothing that signaled an injury...just worked muscles.  My SI joint is still feeling stiff and a little tender but I felt confident it wouldnt hinder me too much.

I started out a bit quick and had to slow myself down.  I didnt want to push at all today, I wanted to just take it easy and enjoy the walk...give the legs a good stretch out.  I was feeling pretty good this morning....I did note that my breathing was a little harder than it has been and while I was enjoying the pace, my SI joint was stiff enough that I dont think I could have gone much faster.  

About 4km my tummy decided to let itself be known......(not surprising really - went out to Sizzlers last night for tea and had to roll my self back in the door)  But it did make for an uncomfortable last km.  I have the specialist appointment next week....will be interesting to hear their take on it all.

total time for 3km was 30:29

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