Tuesday, October 08, 2013

4 x 200m on the grass track ... couldn't help myself

I tried to leave work early so I could reach the track with some time to walk.  I thought 10mins would give me plenty of time......I didnt plan for first day back from school traffic and I still only just made it by 5.30pm.

Paul and Kay were already doing their 200m repeats and I had hoped to do an easy 5km.  Turns out the weather had other ideas and it started to rain just as I pulled up.  I walked over to join the others and walked around to the 200m mark.  I kinda figured what the hell as long as I take it easy and dont push myself it will be ok.

First 200m I walked beside Kay and helped to push her along to a 1:02 for one of her fastest laps.  We all walked back around and started up again.  I stayed to that pace and did a 2nd lap of 1:02 but by now I was feeling pretty good and everything was moving well............and Paul was only 20m in front of me each time.  By the 3rd lap my will power went and my competitive side poked its head up...............and I pushed.  I set after Paul trying hard to catch him ... this 200m was 0:54  ... wow where did that come from?   We all had a chuckle at how I had said I was going to take it easy and just couldnt help myself.  My 4th lap was to be our last as it was starting to rain hard and we were all getting very cold.  I knew Paul was really going to go hard for this one and I was really going to try and catch him.  We set off and as we rounded the 100m I started gaining on him....but 30m out from the finish line I felt my whole style start to fall apart and I slowed up and took check on myself.  I was trying too hard and had leaned forward.....this instantly unlocked one of my knees and my arms started doing the washing machine.  All this in just a few strides and as soon as I straightened it all corrected itself.   This lap was 0:52:7

We had a quick cool down and gentle stretch, it was raining hard now and the temp had dropped.  I was shivering and needed to get home and warm up.   So far....hip feels good, butt feels good, hammy feels good...the only part of me that feels a little achy is my right hip flexor.

I am very happy with this tonight.
1st lap
2nd lap
3rd lap
4th lap

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