Tuesday, April 29, 2014

6km Fartlek - Feeling Good

I decided to swap around my walks this week.

So instead of doing an 8km tonight I opted for the 6km fartlek instead as I was heading to the track it was easier to do the fartlek.  That way if no one is going on thrus I can still do my 8km on the walkway as Kay and Paul are walking on Weds.

My right hamstring has been tight and tender.  Right in the centre of the hamstring - not sure if it was just soreness from use on Sundays walk or if I had twinged it alittle.  Either way I was going to listen to my body and do what I felt I could.

I warmed up with Paul and Kay and as I was going around my hamstring did start to feel a little better.  The others were all doing 200 & 300 repeats so it was going to be good for me to have them out on the track.  I started out for my first km and felt smooth and strong but I didnt push too hard - just keeping feel for my leg and hip.  5:33 for my first km and I am ok with that.  Now to see how I hold up with the fast and mediums.  I was feeling pretty good and nothing was hurting - a little twinge here and there.   I had a couple of slow recoveries but mostly they were pretty close to 3.02 each round.  My hammy did start to ache a little towards the end but it was stomach that slowed me the most.  Now that I am back eating a mix of my old diet and new diet.....I have to get my body to react to the gluten - and it is!!!  That old pain was back and the awful fatigue is creeping back in.  I just hope that I get this test done and soon.

total time was 34:50   VERY happy with that.

lap splits here

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